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We are an another name of 'Quality' that serves finest Investment Casting, Aluminum Casting, etc. ..
About Us

Ranging in different sizes, Castings aids many pieces (Of any product) to be concerted into a single part, thus reducing need of assembly and inventory, lessening  costs by 50% or more in comparison to machined parts. Castings, depending on the application are made available in several types, some of which more prominent are Aluminum Casting, Investment Casting and not to forget to mention Stainless Steel Casting. In making aforementioned Industrial Casting accessible to clients at right prices, various enterprises are working but ALL MET CAST, as a manufacturer is operating diligently hard to make industries have Castings of 'Right Quality' at 'Right Prices'. 'Sahi Kaam, Sahi Daam' is our motto which makes customers dealing with us clear about our offerings being representation of 'Perfection' that is priced not overtly but as per the quality work. As a reliable wholesaler/distributor, through different medium of supply channels, we serve numerous industries, some of which are construction, marine and heavy engineering.

ALL MET CAST- A Name Trusted For 'Quality Industrial Castings'

Formed precisely 8 years back, we are well-known in marketplaces for serving Industrial Castings of several types. Using Steel and Aluminum which are the most versatile engineering materials, we form Industrial Castings. To make castings, we pour down molten stainless steel and aluminum into a spacious mold cavity. After this, when these two liquified materials are cooled down and takes solid form within the mold cavity, we cater shape of the mold as per the diverse specifications desired by clients. Metalworking experts of our company works with perfection to bring forth easily weldable and corrosion resistant Castings.

Who Are We ?
  • Trusted Partners- We are a trusted partners to clients who believe in purchasing value. We maintain clarity in business works and update about modifications taking place in manufacturing to clients.
  • Quick Adaptor Of Smart Technologies- 'One who adapts to changes faster, bear fruits of its benefits early,' keeping this thing in view, we incorporate all smart and innovative technologies recently introduced, in production process to elevate quality of offered produce.
  • Excellent Industrial Castings Maker- We are an excellent industrial castings maker because we do everything with perfection. Casting process is followed, keeping in view latest industrial norms.
  • Customers' Favorite- We have the potential to become customers' favorite in no time because we posses all the attributes, customers looks for in its dealing partners.
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